While we’ve all heard about the professional songs that are written in a moment of inspiration and in a matter of minutes that make it to number one on the charts, these songs are rare. Songwriting is a skill, a practiced craft that takes time, patience, and honing in order to get it right.

Sudds Studios is the best professional mixer and online music producer. Based in Nashville but offering his amazing services nationwide, Josh Sudduth and his amazing wife, Mary Beth, now bring their amazing songwriting skills to you. There are many benefits to partnering with a professional songwriter. Keep reading below to learn more, and then contact us today for all your online music production needs!


  • Knows how to write songs. As anyone who has tried to write a song knows, you just don’t pick up a pencil and start writing. There is a way to write songs that is appealing to most people and that will garner you the largest audience. While many people say the music is the key and lyrics are secondary, bad lyrics won’t get your song anywhere.
  • Knows rhyme scheme. While this may not be important to you, it’s important to your audience. Most songs rhyme in some fashion at some point; that’s what makes them beautiful. Songs are, in essence, poems put to music. Furthermore, when songs rhyme, they are memorable, which is what fans like. Plus, you want to be memorable in your music career.
  • Can point you in the right direction. Many musicians have the right idea when writing songs. They have a beautiful melody, and they may have some words written down, conveying the general idea of their song. However, then musicians can get stuck. When you partner with a professional songwriter, such as Sudds Studios, you will have another pair of experienced ears not only listening to your song, but gaining a sense of where you want to go with it. Sudds Studios can offer guidance and advice and may even spur new ideas for you.
  • Can offer insight into your music. Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you what they are feeling about your music, where it is moving them, and then take that idea and put it into works. Professional songwriters, such as Sudds Studio, are experts at listening to music, and then seeing where that leads.


  • Write songs every day. Songwriting is like any other skill or sport, like basketball, football, or playing the guitar or piano — you have to practice it if you want to be good at it. You have to write songs everyday in order to fine tune your craft. Schedule songwriting into your daily routine, and make it a habit.
  • Just begin! Even if you have no idea how to begin, just put something to paper. You can start by writing about your feelings at that moment, even by saying how scared you are to write. Once you begin, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your words will begin to flow.
  • Look for inspiration everywhere. Some of the best songs and some of your favorite songs are about the simplest things in life. If you constantly have a pen and paper in hand, write when you have a few minutes or when you’re inspired. Write about eating breakfast (Jewel’s song You Were Meant For Me), or just about playing a song on a jukebox (Alan Jackson’s Don’t Rock the Jukebox). Some of the best songs are just about living life. Sudds Studios recommends that you capture these moments when they occur in your life because odds are, these moments are happening in millions of people’s lives right now.
  • Be relatable. Some of the best songs have to do with universal human conditions, emotions, feelings, and experiences. When you write about falling in love, getting dumped, losing your best friend, your dog dying, or your kids growing up, you can touch millions of people who experience the same things. These people who could turn into your fans love to listen to music that speaks to them, too, and not just speaks to you.
  • Be vulnerable. People want to know that you are real. They want to hear about your pain, your adversity, and your ability to overcome and persevere. Many people are going through trials in their lives, and live movies, songs can be avenues of escape. Sudds Studios recommends that you give people hope through telling your story.


Songwriting is a skill that takes practice and craftsmanship. Sudds Studios has been helping musicians write songs for over 10 years. He knows what sounds good and what doesn’t sound good and can offer you constructive feedback based on where you are at in the songwriting process.

Nowadays, being able to write music and play songs is not enough. Most major recording studios want the whole package: those who can play instruments, write music, and write lyrics and songs that can garner a following. As the best online music producer and mixer, Sudds Studios can help you with all of your music needs. We can mix your music, produce it, and help you with lyrics — all in one place. We love to collaborate with artists and see them succeed. It’s our mission and our passion to do just that. Contact us today for any of our music services!