There’s nothing quite like when a song hits. The words and music flow, and it’s completely effortless and almost as beautiful as a rainbow after a spring storm. Afterwards, you can’t stop listening to your song, making tweaks here and there until you are satisfied. Once the creativity stops, however, the work begins. This when you need to add more instruments than just your acoustic guitar and more vocals than just your own.

A professional music producer and mixer can help make your music shine. From arranging the song to adding in the slightest nuances, a professional music producer can make all the difference for your song.

Sudds Studio is a professional music producer and mixer based in Nashville, but we also bring our experience and know-how to you via our online music studio. We are involved in all stages of music production. We’re passionate about showcasing your amazing talent to the world. Below, we’ll dive into just a few of the benefits of partnering with a professional music producer and mixer. Contact us today to get started!


Professional music producers are impartial. Most of us are biased towards anything we do, from creating music to playing club volleyball. A professional music producer has the ability to hear your music with an unemotional ear, as someone in your audience would hear it. Furthermore, it’s even harder to make changes to your music once you’ve fallen in love with it. However, oftentimes, changes are needed in order for your music to put its best foot forward.
Professional music producer are coaches. Let’s face it, the most successful people in this world have been mentored by others. As a musician, you’ll need to go places others aren’t willing to go if you are to write music that will stand out from the crowd. A professional music producer and mixer can guide you and prod you to discover the true meaning of your song and go even deeper. Professional music producers such as Sudds Studio are not afraid to ask you difficult questions. You need someone like this at your side if you are to succeed with your music career.

Sudds Studio is an online music studio that helps artists achieve their dreams. Through our professional music mixing and producing skills, as well as our help with your songwriting, we’ll help you succeed. Contact us today to get started!